The quality of a product hinges upon the injection mold that is used for its production. That’s why we have had our own tool room in our company in Pardubice for more than 60 years. We mainly specialize in development, construction and production of single and multi-cavity injection molds for plastics with max. dimensions of 400 x 600 mm and a max. weight of 1000 kg. We build molds and tools according to our own or customer documentation. We test them in our own injection molding plant before handing over to the customer. In addition, we can produce plastic parts at our company. We use CAD/CAM software VISI by design molds, construction and programming CNC machines. Another activity of our tool room is to ensure operation of injection molding plant, i.e. repairs and maintenance of molds for mass production.

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Plastic product development

3D modeling

3D printed samples

Design of injection molds

Injection molds construction and creating of technical documentation

Manufacturing injection molds and tools for mass production incl. testing

Manufacturing mold inserts for universal frames

Mold repairing and modification

Mold maintenance

Machine Designation Properties
Lathes SU 32 & SV 18 ~ ⌀ 300 x 700 mm
Milling machines MS 400 Strigon & FUF 250 ~ 400 x 300 x 300 mm
3-axes CNC milling machines ZPS MCFV 1060 NT & MCV 750 Rapid ~ 700 x 500 x 500 mm
Drill SIP 2A 430 SIP 2A 430 ~ 400 x 300 mm
Surface grinders BPH 320 A & BPH 300 & BN 102 & BSG 4080 ~ 400 x 800 mm
Cylindrical grinders BU 28 & BUA 16A ~ outer ⌀ 300 x 600 mm; ~ inner ⌀ 200 x 200
Sinker EDM Agie Charmilles Agie Charmilles AT Spirit 3 & Exeron 104 ~ 500 x 400 mm
Wire EDM Agie Charmilles Agie Charmilles CUT 20P ~ 400 x 300 x 200 mm