We have many years of experience with printing of various plastic items. We specialize in screen printing, pad printing and hot foil stamping.

Screen printing (Serigraphy)

It is a printing technique in which the ink is pressed through mesh screen. In the case of multicolored prints, the colors must be applied in individual layers using separate screen for each ink. Our printer enable both flat screen printing and rotary screen printing.

Pad printing (Tampography)

Pad printing is a printing technique in which the ink is transferred from the cliché via silicone pad onto a plastic part. One of the main advantages of pad printing is the possibility to print uneven and curved surfaces. We use this technology mainly for printing the lids of cosmetic jars.

Hot stamping

It is a method of decoration in which the foil is transferred to a surface of product at high temperature and pressure. We use this technology to decorate lids of cosmetic jars with a gold or silver metallic stripe. - Výroba, potisk


Machine Designation Number
Screen printer KENT SP-400 7x
Pad printer Madag 47TP 1x
Hot stamping machine GEBA 30 1x

Accepted file types

We accept the following file types: Adobe Illustrator (ai), Corel Draw (cdr), PDF. Please make sure that the fonts are converted to curves.