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The operation of TVAR Pardubice, a production coop, goes back to the year 1945. In 1975, its production activities were moved to a new plant built in Pardubice. During the years of the coop's existence, the initial manufacturing of writing materials and needs for smokers developed into a firmly-shaped production program which the coop currently presents to its customers. The crucial part of the coop's production includes plastic goods made by means of injection moulding. The popular assortment of home utensils underwent several modifications and design improvements. The coop supplies its goods to the Czech Republic and to the Slovak Republic through a network of contractual consignment warehouses.

Since 1990, TVAR has cooperated with Swiss watch-making companies for which produces special types of watch boxes and packaging, including other technical pressed pieces. These contacts have been constantly intensified. In 1991, TVAR introduced the first packaging for cosmetic products, specifically double-walled cosmetic jars. This production line was further extended, offering a greater number of models and sizes. At present, these jars are supplied to many cosmetic companies in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Another group of our customers purchases our technical pressed pieces and different types of closures and sealing pieces. This assortment is gradually enlarged according to our clients' needs and requirements. The coop's production program also includes technical laminating provided to both market and out-of-market customers. The most interesting among these goods are products manufactured for the automotive industry, children's chutes, toboggans, and fishing equipment. Our coop also specializes in the manufacturing of protective helmets used by military forces.

The coop's own technical preparation plays a major role in its successful production activities that can flexibly respond to our customers' needs. All of the documentation of tools and instruments is fully processed in the form of 3D digital models, including computer data. This entire system is closely linked to the production of tools and instruments. The coop greatly benefits from its own manufacturing of injection tools and instruments of up to 400 x 550 mm in their mould joint, as well as of other preparations needed for production. The tools from our tool-making workshop have always compared favorably with those from our competitors.

Our coop is a reliable producer of precise injection tools, emphasizing the state-of-art finish of their surface and utilizing an ample stock of 40 injection machines with a clamping force ranging from 25 to 320 tons. The coop uses its own automobile carrier service. More than 50% of the coop's production is exported every year.
The production assortment comprises more than 300 types of products.
We mainly specialize in: Packaging materials (about 35%), Consumption goods (about 25%), Technical pressed pieces (about 40%).
Main export territories: Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Slovakia

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